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Choosing a Real Estate Agent over Selling Privately

Estate agencies have networks of potential buyers and other real estate agencies and agents

Estate agencies have relationships with potential buyers and other real estate agencies or agents to bring to your property the largest possible pool of potential buyers. As a result your home can be on the market for a shorter period of time and you are more likely to get a market related price than what you might get if you are selling your home privately.

Estate agencies have agreements with real estate portals and can have your property listed within an hour after your decision to sell. They also have access to a large portfolio of clients who are looking for properties in your area and estate agents will therefore be able to show your home to a potential buyer very quickly.

Estate agents have a database of qualified buyers which means they will bring to your home only serious buyers with the same criteria as what your home has to offer. Estate agents share information within an estate agency which will result in the early detection of unqualified buyers and therefore eliminates unnecessary visits to your house by unmotivated or questionable buyers. Real estate agents know their buyers preferences such as property type, storage and cupboard space needs, low-maintenance home and garden requirements, floor size etc.

Selling your home is an emotional exercise

Bringing emotion into the process of selling your home could jeopardise the job at hand and that is to sell your property quickly and for a fair price. For starters one is likely to overprice your home. Estate agencies usually supply the service of property evaluation and the majority of them will do it free of charge. For estate agents it is business and can respond better to questions and objections from prospective buyers and come up with answers and solutions, given their experience, to the benefit of you the seller.

Selling a home is a time consuming exercise

Dealing with buyers is a strenuous and time consuming exercise as one has to show your home to interested parties when it is convenient to them. The inconvenience to you can be eliminated by a trustworthy estate agent who can show your house whether you are at work or away on holiday by granting them access to your house when you are away.

You do not want to miss an opportunity to sell your property because you are unable to show it to a potential buyer.

What an experienced estate agent can also do for you

Prior to you putting your house up for sale estate agents can help you determine what changes you need to make to attract buyers and sell your home for the best possible price. Estate agents know the current property market and what is driving the demand and is therefore in a better position to negotiate the best possible price for your home. Estate agencies regularly work together to broaden the buyer base and maximise the marketing drive in order to sell quickly and attain the maximum reward for your home.

Consumer Protection Act

According to the South African Consumer Protection Act (CPA), buyers are only protected under the Act if they purchase a home from an estate agent who regularly sells property. This does not include private sellers, a fact which may deter prospective buyers from buying a property directly from you. Buyers can include "subject to" clauses in their offer to purchase to put themselves more at ease when entering into a private sale agreement, while a seller can include a detailed suspensive clause in the agreement of sale to mitigate any risk on your side. As a private seller, you need to be well informed about all these protective clauses and having an experienced transfer attorney on your side will help.

Use every advantage to sell your property

When selling your home you should make use of every advantage to sell your property quickly and for a fair price. Contact Orange Realty estate agency in Alberton if you want to make the selling of your home a rewarding experience.